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Last updated 1:00 am MST, May 27, 2020

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University of Arizona community - We need all of your help.

Over the next 15 months we anticipate a significant loss of revenue and expect to see increased expenses related to the effects of COVID-19. This is going to have profound impacts on how we successfully achieve our mission - requiring effective mitigation strategies and exploring bold new opportunities to adapt our business model.

We ask that you come together with your units – practicing social distancing, of course – and find the unique opportunities that can only be seen from your perspective. Then, share your insights at svpcfo@arizona.edu.

The Taskforce will incorporate them into a proposal to President Robbins.


Want to submit an idea but do not feel comfortable doing so? Use the anonymous webform found below. Please note, that we will be unable to follow up with you should you choose this method.